Adopting a Busykitz Kitten

All our pedigree kittens come registered with GCCF (Governing Council of the Cat Fancy)

  • GCCF Registration document
  • 5 line pedigree certificate
  • Vet checked (each of our kittens will be health checked by the vet 2-3 times before they leave)
  • Vaccinated with Feligen RCP (feline rhinotracheitis virus, feline calcivirus and feline panleucopaenia virus)
  • Neutered or spayed if deemed needed
  • Wormed and flea treated
  • Diet and personal care sheet
  • Food samples
  • Kitten’s personal blanket

You will have a list of supplies to get a few days prior to picking up your kitten

Tel 01323 484282

No kitten will leave until they are 13 weeks of age. Kittens when re-homed are of course at this stage in their lives going to feel home sick. They will miss litter mates, be in a strange place with different smells. We will always ask that they are not left alone until they settle in; this can take up to 8-10 weeks. Going to work all day and leaving your kitten alone is stressful for a lone kitten.

Non-Active or Active

When you purchase a kitten from us you would buy one that is on the non-active register that has been neutered or spayed, unless otherwise agreed.


When your kitten is registered on the active register this means they may have the potential to breed. Only kittens from parents on the active can be registered. Not every cat would be suitable to be placed on the active register. We would be happy to discuss the possibility of you having one of our girls on the active.

Showing your cat or kitten

Who knows you may even purchase a showstopper from Busykitz. A cat does not have to be registered as active to be shown. This has become a very popular pastime for some people and there is nothing more exciting then coming home with your very first rosette.

Showing an interest in our Busykitz kittens

If you would like to show an interest in a particular kitten or want to go on our waiting list please contact us using the form on the contact page or phone us. Please make sure you leave a landline number so we can get in contact as we do not ring mobile phones. If you cannot for any reason get us on the phone then we are always on email. All correspondence is answered within 36 hours if for some reason you have not heard from us then please try again your message may not of come through.

Reserving a kitten

Kittens will be ready for viewing from 9 weeks of age, if you decide you would like to give a kitten a new home then a non-refundable deposit must be paid to secure your kitten. Remember deposits are non-refundable if you change your mind. If the kitten is withdrawn from sale you will be given the choice of another kitten (if there is one available) or a refund of your deposit if we do not have a suitable match. An appointment can be made before this time to come and have a chat about the most suitable choice for you and to meet with us to discuss anything we may need to with you. We try our very best to match the kitten to your needs as well as the kittens and not every kitten is suitable. Here at Busykitz the kitten will come first so be prepared to answer some questions and don’t be afraid to ask some yourselves.


British Shorthair Non-active register we ask £200 (non-refundable)
British Shorthair Active register we ask £300 (non-refundable)
These are just deposits the balance will be due in cash on collection or a cheque can be sent 14 working days before. We do not take deposits without seeing you and we do not ship our kittens across the world.

Prices & Deposits

The price of any of our kittens includes the full pedigree paper work. You can spend a lot of money buying a kitten with a pedigree all this means is that the kitten is not registered & anyone can print out a pedigree from the internet. All registration documents should be available with the pedigree. I am afraid that a kitten with no papers that you have paid £200-£300 for is nothing more then a moggie. Never be afraid to walk away if your not happy with what you see, chances are you are lining the pockets of someone that does not care. A registered kitten will cost you anything from £595 to £900 depending on its registration, they always say you get what you pay for. All our kittens can be viewed along with the parents and in turn all their paperwork can also be seen. All our adults are on the active register and all of our boys carry a certificate of entirety. If you are unsure or need any help please ask.

IMPORTANT note before any viewing

Never visit two properties with cats in one day this can only spread disease

But before you make that commitment

A kitten is for life this means you will have to care for them for on average the next 10 to 15 years and in some cases up to 20 years. Make sure that when you go away that you make provisions for them as well as for yourself. You will also incur vet fees along the way and every year they will have to be vaccinated. I reserve the right to withdraw a kitten from sale without question and return the deposit. Are you ready for such a commitment!


If for any reason you are unable to look after your Busykitz cat or kitten we ask you contact us before re-homing them as we may be able to help.

01747-826632 to enquire about available cats and kittens