Don’t lose your pet, get them microchipped

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Stalbridge, Sherborne, Wincanton, Mere, Gillingham, Shaftesbury, Sturminster Newton and Marnhull, and surrounding villages.

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Microchipping is means of identifying your pet if it becomes lost. The chip itself is about the size of a grain of rice and once inserted between the shoulder blades it can be read by a microchip scanner. This is a simple procedure and only takes a few seconds just like an ordinary injection. This will give no pain to your pet once inserted. Microchipping uses radio frequency technology; it cannot be tampered with or removed. Once your pet has been Microchipped details would be logged with Pet-log. If they get lost and are found a vet would scan to see if they are Microchipped. When the chip is scanned a quick phone call to Petlog would find the owners details. Then they will try there best to phone, email or text you to arrange for your pet to be reunited with you. The pet passport scheme already stipulates that dogs and cats entering the UK must be Microchipped. Microchips are made to ISO 11784/85 standard, and are readable by European countries.

The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons only allows appropriately trained implanters to chip dogs and cats.

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trained implanter.